Excel & VBA

On of the most useful softwares that I have subscribed to in the recent past is the Office365 Suite by Microsoft, it is a yearly subscription and one of the components of that is Microsoft Excel Online, currently in version 2016, or Excel’2016 for short.


If you have got the subscription already, your would have Excel’2016 in your start menu and this screen above is what you will see when you click that link.


This is the screen that I see when I fire up my Excel’2016 and you should also see something like this. Click the “Blank workbook” link you see on the screen, and a spanking new worksheet will appear.


This is what it looks like to me and pretty much the same it would look to you also. Since we are just talking about this at the moment let us just press “ALT+F11” to fire up the Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Editor.


And there you are, with the Visual Basic Editor ready and waiting for you to do some programming!! Cheers !!

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CA Vikram S. Mathur
(Last Updated: 29th October. 2016)