Using Office365 Daily

These are some tips and tricks that you can use in your daily usage of Microsoft Office (whether you are using an Office365 subscription or not). Some of them are ones that I also use frequently. (For January 18th, 2017)


  • Usually, if you are a frequent use of the Excel Spreadsheets, you would create a sheet that does calculations. But many times we write complicated formulae that defy creation a second time – my advice would be to put that formula in a comment in one of the cells using it, so that you just need to select that cell to remember what formula has been used.
  • Try to create names in your worksheets, because they are really easy to reference and you need not remember which cell contains the formula. Say you have calculated a person’s age in Cell A2, then you can name the cell A2 as “Age”.


  • Most of us use Word for creating letters, memos and other correspondence with clients, customers, vendors and the like. It is a good practice to create templates and then create new documents from that template – the document will automatically update whenever you make changes to the template. Surprised?


  • The real challenge lies in creating a database that auto-updates from some external data source everytime you open it. In some of the applications that I have spent considerable time developing, every time you quit the application, it can eject a log that contains information in a format that is tabular. When you open the master database connected to that application as an Administrator, you are asked if you wish to import the log. Bingo – this gives you opportunities unlimited in the future developments, right?


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